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Is it a problem if I don't have the same scale as you?

YES, It is completely possible to follow the course even if you don't have the same scale as me.

In fact, most of my students don't have the same scale and I had to find a solution due to the thousands of different scales available.

I would have had to own thousands of instruments (yes, please! 😃) and film thousands of tutorials (impossible 😃)... That's why I designed a course that can be adapted to all handpans, whatever the scale.

Of course, there will be dissonance when you play along with me, but the aim of the course is to teach you rhythms and movements so that you can learn to play them by yourself.

The "dissonance" will only last for the first few times. You'll see that, very quickly, you will turn off the sound and work without me! What's more, the aim of my lessons is not to copy the same notes (the same tune) as me, but rather to apply the movements and exercises to your own instrument.

This is actually a great way to boost your creativity!

I don't have the same notes as you, is this a problem?

Updated on: 21/01/2020

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